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Astro’s Oil™ Optimal Renal Care

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Astro’s Oil™ Optimal Renal Care

Formulated by Medical Doctor Dr Edmond Marcovici, Astro's Oil™ all natural pet supplements have been helping feline and canine patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) since 2007.

These products were designed to work synergistically, the best results are obtained by adding all 3 to your pet’s treatment regimen.

The original oil that is at the heart of everything, this formula is actually made from 3 different ‘oils’. First, a highly concentrated form of Omega 3 that has been molecularly distilled to remove harmful heavy metals and chemicals. Second, a proprietary stable form of CoQ10. And last but not least, a concentrated form of Vitamin E. They work together to combat inflammation and can help restore function to the affected tissue, before it progresses to scarring with permanent loss of kidney function. CoQ10 and Vitamin E have also been shown in studies to help support kidney functions.

This powder is made from a plant fiber that ‘scrubs’ or absorbs excess nitrogen and creatinine from the intestines, reducing the two components’ bioavailability. This action helps to reduce the load on the kidneys which, in CKD patients, are already impaired. The intestinally absorbed nitrogen and creatinine are then excreted normally in the stool.

This protein is pre-digested by enzymes and broken down into peptides, which makes it extremely bioavailable to the body. This bioavailability not only helps the body to easily and better absorb the protein, but more importantly helps to significantly reduce the waste products that would normally be produced during the digestive process of normal protein. This means that you can potentially cut back a little on the normal food intake without fear of compromising on the necessary protein intake required to maintain muscle mass.

“First of all, thank you for introducing Astro's Oil to all CKD furkids. One of my aged cats 19 years old recently gone blind on March this year and diagnosed with stage 4 CKD. I was lucky to find your products from the website and managed to get a set from my country, Singapore. Since then from April 13th till now, my domestic short hair aging cat Ding Ding has been doing marvellous! I have recommended Astro’s Oil to a few of my friends & my vet. I am very thankful to you and the distributor in Singapore.”
Edith Lai-Bompard, Le Saint Julien
July 2020

"Mimi was diagnosed with Stage 2 CKD. He lost so much weight last month partly due to a blocked urethra. He was practically skeletal. After about 3 weeks of taking Astro's Oil, he's gained back some weight and is so much more active."
Rafizah Gaffoor
July 2020

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa is the official distributor for Astro’s Oil™ in Singapore. Produced in Montreal, Canada. These products are totally natural and have no side effects. They can also be give prophylactically to healthy pets. More information and testimonials at

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